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Goodbye my friend...

  Let me start off saying that the reason it's taken my this long to write about this is because I've probably been in denial about what happened. 

On December 21, 2007 around 10 am my beloved Jackson was put to sleep....  His health was declining and anything he ate he would throw up. He was just skin and bones, and he wasn't himself.

Right now, I feel so empty inside with out him. It all feels like a very bad dream, but I know it isn't. =T.T= I miss him so much.

After we came home after the vets, we decided to adopt one of the kittens we were fostering. Her name is Boots, she is 3 months old and black and white. Angel has only just started toget depressed about Jackson, but I think Boots helps her by keeping her company and playing with her.
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